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Probabilistic AI enabled optimal decisions

Jaynes Computing is an AI company utilizing state of the art Probablistic deep learning that enable orgnizations to make better decions and optimize resources, that translate to profits.

Probablistic Machine learning

AI is more than forecast, using Probabilistic Machine Learning, our technology can measure the uncertainty (how certain is of an outcome) of a Machine Learning model, we believe this is a requirement for the next generation of AI capable of autonomous decision making.

Jaynes advantage

Our AIaaS (AI as a service), allows companies of all sizes and industries to forecast and optimize their inventory and other resources using state of the art Probabilistic Deep learning technology, developed in house, that takes advantage of the most advanced hardware like: multicore clusters and GPU's, also we are at the forefront of Quantum Machine learning development. We are working on scaling machine learning to Near Intermediate Scale Quantum Computers (NISQ).

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